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Tube Tops For The Well-Endowed Lady

Not all of us can go braless, but we envy those ladies who can.  For those who are well-endowed in the bosom department, rocking a tube top can be quite the challenge.  There are issues of the dreaded ‘pull-down’ or even worse – the ‘fall-out.’  Women who are large bosomed face the challenges of the tube top fitting too snug and causing a pronounced headlight factor. 

While you may not be able to go braless while sporting your tube top, there are ways to work around the problem.  More and more women a bra-type solution that allows even the most endowed lady to be able to pull off the fashionable garment.  Below are some of the best solutions available, including the right kind of bra and styles that bring the assets into proportion.

Best Types of Bras
There are a variety of bras or bra-like solutions that are great for women who have a little something extra on top and want to pull off a tube top in a professional manner. Some of the best solutions include:

The Bandeau
The bandeau, a French word that means a narrow band, works to supply support to the breasts. Look for a bandeau that has soft underwire for support and avoid those that are exclusively made of microfiber, especially if you are larger breasted.  There are a variety of bandeaus that are made for small-breasted women, but to minimize the breasts you will require an underwire that contours and fits snug beneath the breast.  There are some styles of bandeaus that double as a tube-top, meaning they extend out to cover the tummy region.  The sleek and tight-fitting microfiber provides support for the mid-riff and works in a similar fashion as the ever-famous Spanx

The Built-In Bra
The tube top has evolved over the years and designers of today take into consideration body types that include all shapes and sizes.  Gone are the Twiggy days.  Some styles of tube tops offer built-in bras that provide a wonderful option for largest breasted women.  The built-in bras are soft, provide underwire support and even offer padding for a contoured look.  Sporty tube tops made by sportswear manufacturers provide excellent built-in bra designs, but plan on spending some extra cash, as quality is something you will have to pay for.

The Fitted Strapless
A strapless bra offers more support than some bandeaus and can even keep the ‘girls’ in place when dancing at the club.  Some strapless solutions even provide enough support for a trip to the gym.  Flexible underwire and silicone banded lining eliminate slipping and keep everything in place that needs to be, no matter what the activity. 

The Versatile Convertible
If your budget doesn’t call for high-end built-in tube top innovations, the convertible bra might just do the trick.  A convertible bra is a regular bra that has removable straps and can be worn in a variety of ways.  The bra can be worn traditionally, as a strapless or even a racer-back.  The bra, if fitted correctly, can provide amazing solutions for wearing a tube top and is a budget friendly option that will save you time and money.

Accessory Solutions
Wearing a short blazer or cropped jacket usually does the trick and provides a layered look over the tube top.  The tube top itself can accentuate the waistline and draw the eye toward the hourglass shape you are going for, while the blazer or jacket keeps the breasts proportionate and somewhat diminished.  There is no need for a skin-show or cleavage extravaganza at work.  A fitted jacket is chic and professional. 

Just because you are well-endowed does not mean that you must be left out in the cold when it comes to sporting a tube top. There are innovative solutions that will eliminate the pain and suffering of a mishap and even save you some time and money.  Tube top fashion is here to stay, so why not jump on the ‘band’ wagon and flaunt what you have been given.

NOTE: We have people from the UK call and ask for 'Boob Tubes'. I have to tell them that is US slang for the television! While a boob tube is an accurate description, it does nothing towards soothing American sensibilities...


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