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Maylea Long Tube Top

tube top maylea white

Feel confident and happy in your new favorite dress, everyone is uplifted by green plants in a well-made sundress print!

The effect of these fronds is that the mimic living plants. Most prints only offer a leaf, these are stems and leaves against flowers.

Drapes a full 45 inches long, elastic top with no back zipper needed. One size fits all. Made in Hawaii.

   White w/White Flowers Maylea Tube Top... $60.00


Shipping :: First item $8 + $4 each additional item

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In the Hawaiian language, maylea means 'wildflower', and is often used as a girl's name.

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Long tube top dresses are also known as 'full-length'. They drape all the way from the shoulder to around the ankle. Taller people will of course have different results. The straps can be adjusted at the shoulder to control both the bustline and the drape. The tailors provide ample fabric for the feet to move.
maylea tubetop
Black with White Flowers
maylea tubetop
Black with Pink Flowers
maylea tubetop
White with Pink Flowers
maylea tubetop

NOTE: Colors vary slightly between one computer screen and another. There may be minor differences in coloration between what you see on your computer and the top you receive in the mail. Mahalo!

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