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Tube Top Discount :: Bikini Tops And Matching Capri Pants.

Bikini Tops & Matching Capri Pants

bottom top set  hibiscus red

Beautiful big hibiscus blossoms splashed all over this two piece outfit like tossed paint! Bold colors of blue and green against a crisp white fabric.

Capri pants were first made popular in the 1960s on the "Dick Van Dyke" show as worn by Mary Tyler Moore. They went back out of style in the 70's and came back with a vengence in today's fashion. Bikini tops show skin. Bikinis have always been popular.

Drawstring closure at waistline and behind the neck bikini tie up top. Capri pant length is 38 inches with a bust size of up to 38 inches. Made of artificial silk (Likre) and one size fits all. Made in India.

   Big Hibiscus Blue Capri and Bikini Top Set... $40.00


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Hibiscus block patterns are everywhere in Hawaii, but most famously used on surfboards where they first appeared. These designs only later made its way onto other items, everything from bumper stickers to tattoos.

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Capri pants were named for the Italian island of Capri where they were popular wear among fishermen. Capri pants at leg-cut and end between the knee and the ankle. The bikini was named after an island too, in 1947 by its inventor after Bikini Atoll in the Pacific. Together, they make an island statement.

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