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History Of The Tube Top

History of the Tube Top
Most women know what the tube top is, that strapless wonder that keeps the breasts tightly in place to prevent a fashion faux pas that the neighborhood kids may take decades to recover from, but have you ever thought about the history of the tube top? Where did this amazing sleeveless tube that fits around the torso come from?

In Britain, the tube top is common referred to as the ‘boob tube.’  In France, some refer to the tube top as the ‘bandeau.’ Everyone has a different name for the sleeveless halter top, but few know about the history of it. 

The Birth of the Tube Top
The tube top was actually created by a gentleman named Murray Kleid, a war veteran and owner of one of the largest manufacturers for women’s accessories. The company was known as S & M Fringing Inc., names after the owner and his business partner. This manufacturing company was well-respected throughout the New York City’s eclectic garment district. 

History reports that the invention of the creative garment was a mistake, but when Kleid realized the top’s potential he thought it to be a keeper and went to work marketing the newly discovered fashion statement. Samples of the garment were sent out to distributors and within two months the tube top was being shipped to stores worldwide. 

In the late 1970s, the tube top became one of the most sought after clothing items for women and then disappeared from the scenes during the onset of the 1990s. After the year 2000, the garment resurrected itself among the high school and college aged girls and has showed no signs of declined popularity.  While variations of the top have ensued, the classic strapless look doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon.  Women love the tight and slimming look the tube top offers and if worn correctly, can actually take on the appearance of a five-pound reduction in weight and inches. Let’s face it; every woman wants to look slimmer. 

From the late 1970s until present day, the tube top continues to evolve. What started out as an actual tube of fabric that was no more than six to twelve inches wide has now become something a bit more formal. Tube tops today can be worn under a dressy blouse or loose fitting sweater. Women who want to show off their slim torso or breasts welcome the tube top look. 

Tube Top Fashion
In order to achieve the perfect look with a tube top, it should be worn a certain way.  First of all, it must fit snug and stay in one place to avoid any unwanted slippage. There is nothing more mortifying than the unwanted slip or tube top malfunction.  One bend in the wrong direction and exposure in all the wrong places may be made. A tight fitting tube top should not be busting at the seams, but should fit snuggly around the torso and bosom area.  You should never feel stretched to your max, but rather comfortable as the fabric clings to your curves.

The tube top can be paired with a blazer or jacket that fits just right. The garment should not be grouped with a tight fitting skirt or ultra snug leggings, unless you are going for the trashier look. For something a bit more sophisticated and in style, pair your tight fitting tube top with a new pair of attractive jeans that flare ever-so-slightly at the bottom. Add some heals and a peek-a-boo toe and you are set for a night on the town.  A-line or pencil skirts also look classy with the right tube top if a lightweight and fitted jacket accompanies the ensemble. 

NOTE: Some of us love tan lines. No point, I'm just sayin'....

Wear with or without straps. Mahalo!

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