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10 Tube Tops Tips

Tube tops. You love them, hate them or fear them, but most of us wish we were among the few that could carry off wearing them without worrying about them falling down, or our breasts falling out. If you’re not yet willing to give up on wearing a tube-top in public with confidence and pride, these tips are for you!

1.  Unless you’re as well endowed as Dolly Parton or Pamela Anderson, the trick to making sure your tube top stays up is to fold over the top of the tube-top after you put it on. This doubles the elastic strength and fabric at the top and helps the top stay up. Pull up the top higher than you want to wear it when you first put it on. It will naturally drop to the perfect height after you start moving around.

2. Buy a size slightly smaller than you think you need. Different brands and material types have different fits and move differently on your body. Remember too, tube tops are meant to cling, not to bag or hang off of you. A tighter top will stretch and stay up better. A top with elastic throughout the fabric will stay up better than a tube-top with elastic only at the top. To test a top for durability, consider the thickness, strength and stretch factor of the elastic, not the material. If you don’t know how to judge that, ask a friend who sews, or check with your Home-ec teacher at school.

3. The younger you and your breasts are, the easier it will be to wear a tube-top. Sorry. That’s just nature and the power of gravity. However, to look your ultimate best in a tube top at any age, wear a push up, strapless bra underneath it. Your breasts will thank you and you’ll look better for it.

4. Tube tops with a single strap that passes around the back of the neck and attaches to the front of your tube top is called a halter top, but think of it as a tube top with training wheels. It’s still a tube top, but less nerve wracking to wear if your tops tend to roll. You can also tuck the strap inside the front of your tube-top (or turn the top around and tuck the straps in the back so they don’t show, when you want a true tube top look. If you’re playing volleyball on the beach, sailing or being active the strap can come in handy, but when you just want to chill and tan, or sit and read, you can lose the strap quickly.

5. It’s cool to layer your tube tops, meaning wear one color over another. You can cut designs into one, or wear a sheer top over a darker top. Fashion is fun and anything you want to do with your top that looks and feels good to you works. Cut armholes in one top and wear it over another. Wear a tube-top over a sleeveless turtleneck or your bikini top. Anything that makes you feel fun, funky and pretty and doesn’t get you arrested is a good thing!

6. Tan lines are so tacky. Get your base tan in a tanning salon, or wear your tube-top the first few times you get out in the sun so you have an even colored base coat. If you don’t tan, use a tanning crème to give your skin a touch of color you can wash off later.

7. Tube tops come in different lengths, fabrics and quality. Find the length that suits your figure, age and body type best. Buy the best top you can afford so it doesn’t “roll” up or down when you wear it. If you’re still finding the top falls, rolls or fails, add a broad strap of elastic, or have a seamstress do it for you. The secret to security is in the elastic!

8. Double stick tape made especially for clothing use is a girl’s best friend. If you don’t want a “wardrobe malfunction” at the worst possible time consider using it. If you want to get serious about tape, try the Patented Nubra®, revolutionary push up, backless, seamless, strapless, self adhesive, stick on bra cups by Bragel. Oprah endorsed, they’re more comfortable than a strapless bra for many women. If you don’t have the perkiness you need to look your best in a tube-top, you can totally change your look with a push up bra underneath the tube-top.

9. Fashion is an attitude, not an article of clothing. Only you can decide what kind of statement (for good or bad) that you want your tube top to make by how you wear it and what you wear it with. Paired with his (or your) dress shirt, a nice dinner jacket, sport coat, blouse or shrug a tube-top is welcomed at many jobs or in casual business or restaurant settings where the top alone would not be allowed.

10. Tats and tubes. If you have a tattoo you can flaunt it or hide it. To flaunt it, pick tube-top colors that compliment or enhance the colors in your tattoo when possible. If you want to hide it, consider using a product like Tattoo Camo. (Link HERE)

NOTE: Some of us love tan lines. No point, I'm just sayin'....

Wear with or without straps. Mahalo!

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